Frequently Answered Questions:- 

1.What is ClassifiedsfreeAds?

ClassifiedsfreeAds is the easiest way to post ads for your services, Job offers,  Personal services or offers and buy and sell pre-owned goods online. You can negotiate a price, pay for the product online and have it picked up and delivered.

2.Are ads on your site free?Our ads are absolutely free.
Yes! We're a free service. We do offer optional paid services to business owners and individuals.
However, we provide Promo and Promoplus options which can enhance or augment your advertising campaign in addition to our free ads. 

3.How can I post an ad?

Look for the Post an Ad button on our site and select the category to indicate what type of product you wish to post or sell. Fill in the details, upload pictures of the product and click POST. Didn’t we tell you it would be easy?

4. How to Edit and Delete My Listings ads?

You can create, edit, repost and delete your listings on the My Ads Page Section.

5. Why My Listing was rejected?

It happens to the best of us.Every time our system suspects a violation of Prohibited Content Policy, the listing is pulled aside for an inspection. You will receive a "Your Listing Was Rejected" email from us with some details about the violation.

It usually takes a few minutes for the listing to be reinstated after an appeal is submitted and reviewed.

6. How do Stay Safe Better in Classifiedsfreeads?

We encourage you to only deal with people that are local and that you can meet in person. Meet in person to complete a transaction. Busy public places like coffee shops are safe, convenient meeting spots.

The best way to complete a transaction is to exchange the item and pay at the same time.

Never transfer funds or use a debit card/check to pay someone in advance.

Make sure information on the condition of the item, price and payment method is clearly outlined and agreed upon prior to the meeting.

Before paying for something and completing the transaction, inspect the item and check that everything matches the seller's description.

Avoid certified/cashier checks and money orders !
Never wire funds and never give out personal information (i.e. social security number, bank account number).

When purchasing vehicles, always verify the vehicle identification number (VIN) and consult third party sources that can check the vehicle's history for theft, damage and identification.

7.Can I pick-up the product myself?

Absolutely! You can pay for your purchase online but opt to pick-up the product yourself for your convenient.

8. Can i  Buy and Sell My pre owned Goods on Abroad?

Yes, Absolutely! You can Buy and Sell Abroad pay for your purchase online for yourself but opt to pick-up the product yourself for your convenient at your own Risk.

9.How can I delete my Ad once the transaction has taken place?

Once your product has been sold you can delete the ad to ensure that you do not get any further queries from buyers. To do this, log in to ClassifiedsfreeAds account, select  My Ads and select the Ad that you would like to delete and finally click on the Trash button icon to delete the ad.

10.How to Change Password for My Account?

Please use the Forgot Password link in Login page to recover your password

11. How to close my Account?

In the My Account section click and Go to Account Info in the Bottom of the page you can find the Delete Account settings.